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Garden Envy

Recently I had my backyard cleaned down to a blank canvas. But since we live on a hill, near the coast, with nothing but sand all around, I am having trouble crafting the dream garden – a cross between all of the garden ideas I have pinned below: I probably should have planned better

Tuesday Beautiful Things

June gloom is how Californian’s see this month – due to the relentless heavy fogs along the coast and sometimes even inland. Surprisingly, we had a few gorgeous days at the start of the month, so we took to the streets, parks, and sandy beach walks soaking it all up. Today, the fog has rolled in as expected, and we are once again indoors, wearing sweaters and socks and all things winter related. For this very reason, I felt the need to share some beautiful things to help stay focused on positive thoughts… {featured image source and credit here, here, here, here}