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A Funny Thing Happened While Waiting for the Train

Billboard advertisement still exists in most train stations – I suppose because those of us waiting to embark, have ample time to see the ad, and sometimes during delays and such, even glance at it enough times to remember the product or the message, sending you to click buy or react emoji via the luxury of your smart phone. A few days ago, I noticed, even fixated on a number of billboard ads by Lufthansa while waiting for my commuter train to screech to a stop at Montgomery Street station in San Francisco.  Since the announcement overhead stated the norm these days for our ultra-busy city, (delays upon delays), I decided to pace the platform and read every single billboard, eventually jotting down all the questions posed by the airline aiming to entice potential travelers or those longing to plan a trip-somewhere, in this case, destinations where Lufthansa flies.  And then of course, I decided to answer the questions-out loud-right here: Is somewhere else always the right place?  It can be  – when one is …

Friday Fun Find Online

I stared at this interesting artsy assessment and read it a few times and then laughed, it’s kinda cute funny. And naturally I figured you might get a kick of it as well. What do you think? Is it on point? Or do you have something more interesting to share? If not, then have a safe weekend and be thankful for all the good in your life. {photo credit here}