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Lifestyle: Reusable Food Wrap

I do my part in creating an organic lifestyle and I also do my part in trying to save our planet. With that said, here’s something interesting I found online, which seems to be a doable approach to preserving food without using plastic. Check it out: See what it’s made of – nothing but natural products: Watch the video:

Boutique Hotel Pick – 1 Hotel – New York

In San Francisco most buildings or hotels being renovated are considering going the eco-friendly route, and I do appreciate the concept of it because I am an advocate of green. So it was nice to see this article about the CEO of Starwood Hotels taking measures to recreate the company owned properties focused on sustainability and going all the way green. In light of one of my favorite topics, I have selected 1Hotel as my boutique hotel pick .  This is where I will be staying during my trip to New York in a few months hopefully if they aren’t book by the time I lock down the dates.