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Food: Cooking Traditional Dinners

After seeing this video online, and watching it a million times and tearing up every single time, I realized just how thankful I am for deciding to stay with my mother before the shelter in place became the criterion for survival  – for San Francisco since the beginning of March. The beauty of our time together – is that every day she shares with me stories about her childhood, and we discuss recipes for all the wonderful cooking ritual her clan embarked on for each season. I remember them fondly and some she tells me about with her own experiences with her mother – way before I was born. Last night, we made stuffed grape leaves. I wanted to learn the process, since it is one of our traditional dishes or a version of it since so many around the world pride themselves of the dish. It didn’t turn out that well, because after we made it, she told me, we forgot a few key ingredients and steps. 🙂 That’s okay. I was fine with …

Food: Marble Pound Cake

When I was a child, there was a tradition established where relatives – mostly the women – visit one another on a particular date each month. The date was determined based on a symbolic event for that certain family – such as a birthday or a wedding date.  The hostess would bake a cake or two or make brioche and other wonderful baked goods, fresh lemonade in the summer and cinnamon spiced tea in the winter and sometimes even ice cream or jello would be added – for the kids that behaved during the visit. I don’t recall behaving until the cake and ice cream was served and then I had to glance over to my mother to make sure I was entitled to getting my share. So in light of traditions, and hosting a tea party or Sunday brunch or even a simple get-together just because, I share with you this wonderful old-world, easy marble cake recipe, just like the ones my mother and aunts made – right  here: Ingredients 3 eggs about 210 g 210 g of cane …

Food: Recipe For Hot Summer Nights – Watermelon Salad

Over the miserably hot weekend, where I “chored” my days away rather than simply enjoy, I had no appetite. The temperatures were in the 90’s by 7:00 a.m. and too hot to feel hungry enough for this San Franciscan spoiled rotten by  temperatures reaching only ‘coastal’ 60’s or less. So you know what I did. I ate mostly watermelon with salty Cotija cheese for lack of good goat cheese or Feta, and then I found this recipe today. Which made me laugh – since its based on my Mediterranean upbringing.