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Decor: The Formal In Living Rooms

Formal living Rooms may be a thing of the past as more homeowners opt for a comfortable open space family room, an extension of the kitchen space, where everyone can be together, without the worry of keeping everything in order. But if you happen to entertain often, or love the idea of a formal living room – as part of your home, I have to say these decor ideas are pretty simple to recreate on any budget.

Decor: All About the Bathroom

Bathroom renovations are just as important as anywhere else in a home. I realized this when I walked into my cousin’s house several years ago, to see her proud bathroom renovation. A couple of years later, a friend also shared her updating a bathroom with me as well. And then another. I guess bathrooms and kitchens set the tone for renovating the entire house. See what I mean here, and here: