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Lifestyle: Do You Ever Ask Yourself?

I bought a book a while ago at a small boutique store in Burlingame, California titled Celebrating You, by M.H. Clark – which by the way is now on sale on Amazon. The book was published in 2012, with the most lovable illustrations by Jill Labieniec .   At the time I really needed someone to tell me that I was okay, that I was appreciated for all the things that I do, and that I am. But I didn’t know that I needed to hear it. It was when I found the book in the store, and thumbed through the witty reminders  on each page, when I recognized the importance of being appreciated.  The book, which helped me through the darkest of days and nights, now sits on the floor-to-ceiling bookshelf,  I use as my headboard, in my studio apartment. It is the closest to my reach, and each night I glance at the cover before turning in. Call me a funny-girl, but this little book is my beacon of hope. This year, I will …

After The Labor Day Weekend

I stayed indoors the entire weekend, even after planning countless day trips to places encompassing the central coast. I don’t know what really came over me on Saturday morning, when I woke up early and made myself a cup of coffee and turned on the television set, for a few minutes I said to myself, while the friend I was visiting woke up to start ‘our day’. Instead neither of us pushed the other to actually get ready to start the day. But you know what?  I was just fine, sprawled across the sofa, watching films and television shows, and dozing off in between while she handled her chores and other obligations. The only trouble is that by Monday night, 11 p.m. to be exact, I felt overly energized and too well-rested to fall asleep. Has that ever happened to you? So, I stayed up, reading until four in the morning, when I finally fell into deep sleep, only to jump back up at six and start my day. Realizing while staring at myself in …

Photographs That Speak Volumes

Over the weekend, I hit a wall – in terms of writing and blogging. I was in Sausalito on Saturday, just enjoying the Indian Summer, and all of sudden, I realized I had nothing to talk about. I know this happens to most people striving to be creative.  Then I went home that night and watched 3 classic films and suddenly, I came to. More about that later. But for now let your imagine wander with these photos that speak volumes. {source from here, and here}