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Fashion: Albert Ferretti Haute Couture Limited Edition Spring 2019

Just a fashion I happen to find sensual elegant. And naturally need to share on this Wednesday after surviving one of the worst storms in San Francisco yesterday – weirdest weather for this season for sure. The fact I saw birds actually flying around early this morning made me feel at ease that the day will somehow be more true to the season.

Fashion: What’s In My Online Cart This Month

Online shopping is too much fun if you ask me and for sure a little dangerous, in that, the moment you find something you want, the retailer claims the item you are about to abandon in the shopping cart,  is the last one (in the whole of the universe it seems like)– so you  whip out your credit card, key it in,  and hit buy quickly – sometimes too many times within a week or a month – hopeful that the items that sparked an interest from online is even better tangible. Case in point – here’s what I’ve clicked yes to recently From here From here