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We were given a choice back in March to either return to the office or work remotely or both. I chose remote as I feel I get more done at home than actually in a bustling and noisy office environment. But I do miss getting dressed up, casual of course for San Francisco. Putting on some makeup and actually spending time to tame my curls – I enjoyed the ritual before the pandemic. For a year now, I have steered clear from all things fashion. Mostly because I do have a walk-in closet full of clothes and shoes I am wondering what to do with since I made the decision to work permanently remote. Also the fact, most of my weekends are spent outdoors, sometimes in a very rugged environment, where it is better to dress according to the adventure planned rather than rotating my neglected clothes. So then why am I falling for these? Have you returned to the office?

fall 2011 outfit pick in neutrals

There are some colors in fashion that, no matter how hard you try, you cannot go wrong with them. That’s how I feel about neutrals and no matter what, I am always drawn to the hue. So, for that I have added another one of my favorite outfits,  from here  (notice my own interpretation of adding color with the earnings 🙂 ) 1. Earings: Chanluu silver turquoise drop earings $115 2. Top: Burberry brit v-neck cashmere sweater $450 3. Skirt: Marc by Marc Jacobs Roxy Herringbone wool blend $350 4. Bag: Lanvin Miss Santorial Leather bag $2500 5. Sunglasses: Linda Farrow Luxe d-frame watersnake sunglasses $735 6. Boots: Brian Atwood Ami Suede Platform ankle boots $1200