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Fashion: Givenchy Couture Collection – Spring 2020

Do you ever watch a runway show (online) naturally for those of us not so privileged for front row seats – and hold your breath, because you hope no one stumbles and falls – pounding hard on their stride down the catwalk?  Sorry – I needed to be funny this morning since this week has been a doozy in every sense of the way. So I figure funny is in order, and aim to focus on laughing today, and do one fun project, which I’ll tell you all about later. In the meantime enjoy these wonderful couture collections from Givenchy.

Fashion: Albert Ferretti Haute Couture Limited Edition Spring 2019

Just a fashion I happen to find sensual elegant. And naturally need to share on this Wednesday after surviving one of the worst storms in San Francisco yesterday – weirdest weather for this season for sure. The fact I saw birds actually flying around early this morning made me feel at ease that the day will somehow be more true to the season.

Fashion: Bridal Gowns – Spring 2019

I just realized there are no upcoming weddings for 2019 in my family, or circle of friends. But these wedding gowns are simply perfect to cross over to a formal occasion, a celebration gathering or fundraiser event by the rich and famous. Can you see shades of royal blue, formal black, crimson red, even burnt orange?  

Fashion: Coats and Jackets

Since we don’t really have a proper summer in San Francisco, it is very easy for the locals to shop for coats over the season and even wear them in the middle of October. Just this morning, two women were bundled up with gloves on and hoods tightly framing their faces. I get it, but I try to fight the urge to cloak myself just as well. So for the urge to wear a coat or simply shop for one – I have to say these are currently on my radar:  

wedding gowns: retro classic for 2014

I adore fashion, modern or not and I think what I love most is the fact, a designer occasionally takes a risk in introducing style  so old-fashioned in the midst of 21st century modernism.   Sorry if I have confused you, but the fact, these gorgeous retro classic wedding gowns, from here,  are available for a bride in 2014 is more than amazing in my book, its daring and down right admirable:  

just a second i am having a fashion designer moment

One of the best thing that could happen to a woman is the fact, she either lives in a metropolitan city or has access to it within a 30mile radius. I happen to be very fortunate in that I live in San Francisco and although our fashion sense isn’t anything to brag too much about (don’t hate me locals) I love walking through union square to window shop and occasionally treat myself to some of my favorite fashion designers. Just thought I’d share that with you 🙂