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appreciation of neutrals in home decor

I have realized that during the summer months I tend to shift to  neutral colors for home decor and because of that fact, I have gathered some amazing suggestions, which I found here, to include in my portfolio just in case this phase lasts longer than the summer months.

mental escape from condo remodel

It has been an interesting week to say the least. With work and having to shop for all the necesaties for the condo project. I simply wanted to get the shopping out of the way so I can spend the entire weekend painting, cutting, pasting, well you get the point. Although I enjoy this type of challenge, last night I finally felt extremely tired from all the running around. So, I decided to escape online and find some of my favorite photos of home decor I would love to incorporate into my own fantasy loft.  Click on photo to see more. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend.