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Travel: Adults Only Resort

In my mind, the definition of a resort stay, is something strictly for adults, and all-inclusive is where children are allowed. But I guess I was wrong, because this list points out the difference?  And in case you happen to be as baffled as I am because you’ve just learned something new, here’s a list of the ‘kid-friendly resorts‘ By the way, I have a bucket list of hotels I wish to experience, where I have added the ones pictured below. For the rest of the 20 resorts suggested, go here: {featured image source}

Travel: New England Bound

I have a journal where I log in all the places and things I want to see in my lifetime, as well as some recipes I’ve come up with while commuting home, and a list of must-read books, hopefully I will get around to in between the many other to-do items listed there as well. On one of the pages, I have planned my trip to New England, which is a part of the U.S. I haven’t been – well, if you consider a train ride from Montreal to New York – having been – then I have, over twenty years go. So, the planning has happened, the driving route settled on and the hotels handpicked by yours truly – the only thing left is deciding which season is best for New England travel, because I hear, all seasons are the best season to experience the region. But if you happen to be fortunate enough to leave near by, here’s a list of 20 romantic weekend getaways in New England and my favorites: {featured image …

Travel: Is The Most Interesting Of Topics

At least to me. I decided to start the new year talking travel – my favorite subject and something I wish I can do the entire year.  So, without much delay, here are the top travel destinations for January – or February – if you decide you need a week or two off to recover from all the holiday stress, or planning a romantic getaway for Valentine’s Day or simply getting married and need a wintertime  honeymoon destination.

travel: – oahu, hawaii – day 1

I haven’t been to Hawaii for ten years. I think ever since I decided to stop sun tanning aggressively. I figured if I stayed away, I wouldn’t be tempted to lay in the sun for hours on end. The funny thing is, maybe the universe knew I was not going to sunbathe again this time around, so it’s been raining, cold and cloudy from day one, forcing me to stay mostly inside my hotel room. The wedding isn’t until Friday, with a few pre-parties scheduled two days before hand, so I could pretty much do what I want until Wednesday. The only thing I did forget was what day and time it was, so I also forgot to post anything: on my blog 🙂 Anyway, here are some photos I took, of course with my i-phone, since I also forgot my camera, from Saturday night. Enjoy.