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Late Summer Early Autumn Street Style – For San Francisco

I’ve seen these images being circulated online on different sites for a few  days now. But  I was glad to discover that 31 of them were compiled on a list in one location – here – as late Summer Early Autumn Style, I’m guessing all snapped in the streets of New York. So, I made a list of my own (below) of what I call San Francisco techy style for me of course. {source}

designer handbags: kate spade for her

While I strolled through Bloomingdales in San Francisco during my lunch hour to check out the Spring/Summer handbag collection, I have to admit I was drawn to the Kate Spade “wall of fame”display of colorful handbags on the main level of the department store and I must mention,  the photos do no justice to the real goodies.  

Patriotic Ensemble

I am not one to dress symbolically, but on occasion will throw in accessories which are a subtle reminder of a national celebration. Happy 4th of July to all who celebrate the holiday. Patriotic Ensemble by rawsilkandsaffron featuring gold bangles Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress Pierre Hardy red sandals Chloé satchel bag Dsquared leather bangle Gold bangle $38 – Juliet & Company pearl stud earrings Polka dot scarve Ray-Ban ray ban shades

fashion: my favorite spring 2011 handbags

One of my weaknesses is handbags, the other are shoes but handbags I tend to shop for every chance I get more so than shoes or maybe equal, can’t keep up anymore. That doesn’t mean I own a hundred of them, I just like shopping for them. But this year, it seems the bags are even more “dreamer” (for lack of a better word) than the years past.  Or maybe the color red is enticing me, again I can’t keep up. Can you sense the excitement in my tone? Anyway, I have included below my top ten picks for Spring/Summer 2011 (believe me there are more but I had to stop somewhere). Let me know what you think?