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Fashion: If I Were A Princess…

Having found these beautiful photographs of gowns fit for royalty or simple elegance, I felt I needed this morning to keep me going.  

nostalgia in photographs

While I recover from some form of a flu I have acquired without even knowing, I have done nothing but stare at photographs online to inspire me to: 1) Work on the finishing touches on my book. 2)To stay positive to get well sooner than later. 3)To stay focused to help a friend hand address her wedding invites since I volunteered my services. (Mind you this is besides having to cook and clean up even while sick). And here’s what I came up with this week to keep me going:  

bridal party in pinks and lavender

It is officially “the wedding season” and with it, the collection of beautiful pastel colored bridal party gowns are finally making their way, slowly but surely into the traditional department stores and boutiques (online doesn’t count in this case) and although there are many beautiful colors on display, I can honestly say various shades of pinks and lavender from here are my favorites:

gowns for a make shift oscar party

I am fortunate enough to be on an event planning committee at my current place of employment,. So, when asked for venue suggestions, I immediately blurted out an Oscar themed event to honor our employees. The suggestion  was approved and so here we are now in the planning stages for our red carpet event scheduled for the end of February. While we contemplated  considering formal attire, the joke was, wouldn’t it be wonderful if the women could all wear gowns. Of course, being a fan of anything that has to do with the entertainment industry, I immediately went to my favorite site here and picked out what I would wear if I were to walk down the red carpet at the make shift Oscar party. Impressive huh?