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Boutique Hotel Pick – The Old Hudson – New York

Normally, my boutique hotel picks consists of a property with at the very least 10 rooms and the entire property filled with charm, or a uniqueness worth experiencing. But The Old Hudson – although two unit studio set-up, this property is ideal for the smallest of special occasions. I’ll let your imagine do the thinking.  Hint: This will be the place I add to my 30-day milestone birthday celebrations:   Learn about the Hidden gem of Hudson, New York 

Decor: A Home In Central Coast

While I hide in the middle of California – 20 minutes from Solvang, 40 to San Luis Obispo and the fine wine region in between, I can’t help but notice all topics relating to this quick and easy getaway for this California gal.  In this case, the modern take on a beautiful home in Monterey – That’s all. Have a nice day 🙂    

Decor: Simple Walk-in Shower Design

Besides being extremely clean, the shower should ideally be an inviting space  – where one can simply exist for just a few minutes as if there isn’t a care in the world. My favorite experience under the best shower was in Bern Switzerland, in a five-star property – where the emphasis of the entire bathroom was the walk in for five 🙂 shower with dimming lights, a state of the art shower head, and side streamers, and other bells and whistles – I still think about it.  In light of that fond memory, I have included some wonderfully designed shower spaces just in case you are in the process of a remodel: