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Decor: Black and White

Bathrooms and hallways, and kitchens are the best places for black and white decor – but the for the sake of this article, we are only sharing a handful of black and white bathrooms – which by the way was a theme in my home for over five years – a black and white bathroom master bathroom: Although, if you think outside the box, you can consider the variations – say…in your kitchen as well. 🙂

Decor: Less Clutter, More Breathing Room

I added a fresh update to my studio apartment a few months ago, and just last night, while I sat on the sofa to read an assignment for a course I’m taking, I smiled at how simply peaceful and clutter free my decor choice is. Recently, I’ve been working with a friend to help streamline her beautiful San Francisco home, and although at times she has trouble  letting go of things she’s had for decades, I’m hopeful we can make it happen. It’s a struggle for sure trying to convince her less clutter, more breathing room is what it is all about. Here’s what I’m thinking:   {Source}