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Inspired By the English Countryside

This morning while commuting to work, bits of the film The Holiday came to mind. Particularly the English cottage where one side of the story took place. Followed by the eclectic decor of course, and then how wonderful the connection between Cameron Diaz and Jude Law’s characters were, sparkly eyes, and bright smiles, make the perfect holiday film, don’t you think? Add Cameron’s/her character’s fashion sense, and basically it is a well rounded and my favorite modern holiday film  I happen to watch every year. So you can imagine me wanting to share these beauties, and my desire to simply hibernate for the entire month of December or maybe trade places with someone itching to hang out in San Francisco. Any takers? So, here are my questions?  Have you seen the film The Holiday?  Which side of the story do you relate to?  If you had the chance to trade places, what part of the world would you consider?  Is the fact,  we are near completing the first week of November freaking you out?  I’m …

christmas tree decor for small spaces

Decorating a small apartment or studio can sometimes be challenging since space is an issue. For example, placing a tree in a multi purpose or multi functional room requires moving some furniture around to accommodate  the decor, subsequently making the limited space feel even more smaller. While I searched for ideas to decorate a small space, I came across some wonderful christmas tree suggestions here which will not require any furniture moving. Check out the pics below: