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photography nostalgia

Every year around the holidays, I feel a bit down. I suppose it’s a number of things, weather, the end of another year, new revelations, reflections, regrets, you name it, I feel it. Sorry to bring you down, but let’s face the facts, most of us feel the same. Anyway, I turn to the past usually, the good old days, simpler times, in music, in film, it photographs and in writings to get me through. So, you can imagine my amazement when I stumbled upon these fascinating photographs from here – as usual wanting to share to uplift anyone’s spirit:

nostalgia in photographs

While I recover from some form of a flu I have acquired without even knowing, I have done nothing but stare at photographs online to inspire me to: 1) Work on the finishing touches on my book. 2)To stay positive to get well sooner than later. 3)To stay focused to help a friend hand address her wedding invites since I volunteered my services. (Mind you this is besides having to cook and clean up even while sick). And here’s what I came up with this week to keep me going:  

motivational writers corner

Since I spend all my spare time writing, whether it be my blog or the finishing touches of my book, I am always looking for ways to get inspired. Normally or until now, my desk is in front of a window overlooking the ocean, but lately I have considered creating an inspirational wall and having my desk face that wall. Here is one I think would be interesting to duplicate with minor changes. The art pieces or photographs would be of Paris from the 19th century, I would incorporate my favorite quotes in frames along the edge of the desk and the chair would be reclining comfy.

gilli delight in firenze, italy

It’s amazing how we are drawn to some things in life. Like for instance, when I walked about Florence yesterday on my way to the Uffizi Museum, I was immediately drawn to a corner bakery, Gilli,  simply because of the picture above. I had seen the photograph throughout most of my adult life and wondered where it was taken? I knew it was somewhere in Italy during the 40s or the 50s but wasn’t exactly sure where in Italy. Well, it was apparently taken at the very corner of the street where a delightful cafe, simply referred to as Gilli, is located in Florence or at least that is what I was told. As I sipped on my cappuccino and nibbled on fresh baked  butter cookies at the coffee bar inside, I stared out the window at the corner where the photograph was taken in an attempt to interpret the contents. I wondered was the picture an authentic reaction of a women, while being aggressively propositioned by the men of that era or was it …