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Holiday Series: Gift Ideas For Him or Her

As we all know, gadgets have surpassed any other gift in recent years, and it seems there is never enough new ones on the market – you know – for the holidays and even beyond, gift ideas for him or for her. Just think creative when you shop for these trendy gifts: {featured image source}

Holiday Series: Gift Ideas For the Traveler

That would be me – the traveler, so I figured I’d kick off my holiday gift idea series with some ideal gifts for the traveler in your life or the ones you are trying to introduce the idea to – that travelling is probably one of the best experience any human can have in their lifetime and a lifetime spent not travelling – is a life not lived well. 🙂 {featured image and source}

Gift Ideas For Christmas and Beyond

There is one  gift I recommend for the man or woman in your life who has a certain flair for things – and if you haven’t yet found that gift, then please consider the following for Christmas and beyond: Not just any bag, but a Coach bag, styles in variation, the colors classic, the creations priced just right – see here for yourself   A Pen for the businessman at heart and not just any pen, consider Parker – the classic American purveyers of pens:     And for the man who prefers casual – then these are the perfect Coach finds for him:

Travel: Best Countries to Visit 2017 and 2018

I couldn’t resist comparing these lists – when it comes to suggestions offered up by various  travel sites about where to travel next. In 2017 – Conde Nast Traveler suggested these destinations: Canada American Mid-West Cuba Bermuda Athens Scotland Scandinavian Countries (Norway, Finland, Sweden) Portugal Croatia Jerusalem New Zealand Tokyo Zimbabwe Rawanda Buenos Aires Chilean Patagonia Uruguay In 2018 – These are the countries recommended by Lonely Planet Chili South Korea Portugal Djibouti New Zealand Malta Georgia in the Caucasus Mauritius China South Africa Where are you planning to travel in 2018?

Fashion: Coats and Jackets Fall-Winter 2017

This morning I walked out of the house, dressed for the 70 degree temps expected today, but found myself shivering at the train stop in the early morning chill. Then the train ride was freezing as well, not sure if the driver got the memo about the chilliness outside, but she kept the train at a very cooold 20 degrees it felt like. So, coats came to mind, and the idea of shifting my clothes in my closet to bring forward the sweaters, and boots and so on.  With that said, here’s my favorite coat and Jacket picks for this season:

open for business: atelier300-etsy

Just in time for Christmas I’ve released four photographs I’ve taken while traveling through Europe. They’ve been enhanced by me mostly as a result of how I defined each photograph. They are available through my Etsy store for purchase, and if you plan to give any of them as a gift for the holidays, be sure to order them no later than December 10th.