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Lifestyle: Anxiety At Time of Social Distancing

Sometimes we need reassurance that everything will be alright – or that it is going to be alright – and to lesson the anxiety we are all feeling during these difficult of days, I want to think about… The Calm Place  Nine feel good movies  Twenty books to read right now  Funny movie quotes you might want to revisit  Five at-home exercise you should do while social distancing  This home sure to put a smile across your face Hang in there world – and give yourself time to adjust to this new way of living {featured image source}

Travel: Behind Everything Familiar There Is A Story

Behind everything familiar there is a story worth reading up on, or simply educating yourself for when you are in a position that require small talk or a bit of trivia. Today these stories have sparked my interest and therefore I am sharing with those equally willing to expand their knowledge, or simply need a break from their hectic work day: