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In the Meantime – Here’s a Few Things I’ve Shared

While I regroup or find a new rhythm in my hectic life these days, I decided to share some of this and that I’ve posted on RS&S as well as my other site: Travel: `1. Paris Past the Eiffel Tower, 2. All About Asia,  3. Past the High Season,  4.Travel Need to Know    Food: Chicken Ramen, 2. Chicken Tortilla Soup, 3. Wild Mushroom Pasta, 4. Sweet Potato-Yogurt-Baked Beans From My Author Page: About That Movie… I offer up my two-cents worth about films, the making of, and what to see and not.

Travel: The World and If Not Then Italy

Year in and year out, I do my best not to include Italy in my annual trip to Europe because I think I’ve seen it all. But I fail miserably, finding a new tiny village to see, recreating a travel plan including this fascinating country. With that said, I have included some of my favorite articles from around the world, in travel that is. {click here for The American}