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This Week We Are Focusing on All Things Positive

The fog and nasty cold is back in the city (San Francisco), and the gray skies make it difficult to get up some mornings, and get on with the day. But, I am determined to stay positive by focusing on all things colorful and to some degree breathtaking. Won’t you come along?

Travel: Italy’s Exotic Beaches In Off-Season

I hardly believe there is an off-season when it comes to Italy. But if you’ve been, you can actually tell the difference in some parts of the country. Mostly along the coast – the tourists have tapered off and the locals seem to be taking a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle. Enter – me and whoever I am travelling with in late September or anytime in October or November – always interested in exploring the coastal towns in off-season, no matter if buses, trains and ferries have adjusted their schedules according to off-season runs.  I love having a place nearly all to myself,  with ideal climate and quiet. See what I mean: