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Travel: Best Breakfast in San Francisco Past the Tourist Trap

San Francisco is an easy city to explore on foot, or a bus, or Uber or any means to get past all the tourist areas and the best way to plan it, is to start out with breakfast to some of my favorite and tested spots  in my city and the rest of the list of many others I plan to explore eventually:

three bars and a cafe – san francisco – no 2

The bars I’ve chosen this week are a little bit more scattered throughout the downtown area of San Francisco and easily accessible by public transport or a taxi for anyone staying in the area on holiday. As for the bakery, it is located in the inner Sunset area close to Golden Gate Park – more precisely at 9th and Irving. It’s definitely a good place to check out if you venture out to the park, but keep in mind it’s best to get there, early morning, when everything is freshly baked. Click on photo to get information about the suggestions