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Decor: Home Blended In Nature

Saving all of the natural around us is something I hope everyone considers while developing, building, updating and expanding their homes, kind of like this beautiful approach to a ranch-home without destroying a single tree in their natural habitat.

Decor: Appreciating Architecture

Today I feel  the need to share some of my favorite finds on architecture, design and decor since I’m itching to renovate, revamp, recreate a living space somewhere in our home. Don’t you just love before and after photos of a first time home where you have the vision to create the best of living space for you and your hubs, but he doesn’t see the potential?

Architecture: The World’s 20 Best Loved styles

It’s sort of difficult to say really what cities architectures truly admire, or appreciate because, based on my travels, I consider every city or town I’ve been to most appreciated – in terms of architecture. But I get it, there is a certain standard or identity to styles which over the years have become most admired and made it to this list. Here are some of my favorites:  

Frank Lloyd Wright – Architecture Admired

One thing I do while travelling within the US, is see if I could detect which architect designed a building, a  house, or even a monumental structure of sorts. Mostly in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York,  I do lots of searching for that unique style – a structure or dwelling that stands out above the rest. In line with this topic, I found this interesting article about one of my favorite  – Frank Lloyd Wright – an illustrated guide to his work. Who’s your favorite architect?

San Francisco: SFMoMa Museum In Architecture

I welcome all visionaries who posses the skill to be forward thinkers  – taking a risk to create something out of the norm, unique and unexpected. To leave their mark on society for decades to come. An example is the architect behind the San Francisco MoMA Museum which for the past 3 years has been going through a major renovation, one I have gladly monitored the progress  for the past 36 months. I’m serious – I actually walked by the construction zone daily to see it taking shape. And now, the grand opening on May 14, which I am invited to attend. In the meantime, you can read all about MoMA here, and see the photographs I’ve taken (not the aerial)  just in case you are as nuts about architecture as I am: I am also excited to report that since this marvel is complete, I am going to shift my focus  on the renovation of the convention center/Moscone center just across the street from MoMa. {photo credit of aerial view}