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Our Most Read, Liked, and Shared Posts For 2019

On these last days of 2019, I figured while you wait to ring in the new year, you might want to read the most liked, read, and shared topics here at Raw Silk and Saffron. 🙂 Travel   Travel: Best Places to Go In October If You Have Photography In Mind. – Coastal Towns In Italy. –  Beautiful Places in Europe – New England Bound – Top Restaurants From Around The World  – For the rest go here Food Food: Bean and Toasted Italian Bread – Lemon Chicken and Mint Sauce – Dessert For Breakfast – Bean In Variation – Apple Desserts So Fun To Make  – For the rest go here Lifestyle   Lifestyle: Is It Really Love – Back Pain and Other Remedies – Where Would You Celebrate a Milestone Birthday or Anniversary – Ways to Cope with Anxiety – For the rest go here Boutique Hotel Picks Boutique Hotel Picks: Hotel Schloss – Austria  – Stylish Motels Across America – Adult Resort Only – Paris Court in Budapest – For the rest go here  …

Travel: Disneyland’s Secret Menu Items?

I’ve been thinking about a weekend trip to my favorite place on earth – Disneyland – and just disappearing in fantasy-land (no punt intended).  And while I was looking into a package, you know air/hotel/entrance tickets, I came across this interesting site which details ‘The Best Secret Menu Items at Disneyland“. I’m on it:   {source for featured image}

useful travel tips

I’ve got the bug again to go somewhere, although not sure yet where. I’ve tossed around the idea of Europe, then considered places where I intend to use for my next novel, taking in between, my much-debate about the location, weekend getaways to here and there. Interestingly enough, I came across this article and figured I needed to share the suggestions with everyone, some I consider brilliant naturally and from the list of 40 tips, I chose my top favorite five. For more of the article please click here: {I take no credit for the article or the photographs, for that click here} {feature image source}