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decor: minimalism for the artist at heart

I have to admit the bedroom in the first photograph is fascinating, a romantic hideaway for the artist at heart, and just in case modern is your style, I’ve included other spaces I adore. You know, to share 🙂 {source click here}

decor: smaller details, huge impact

Finally, I came down from my San Francisco Giants high, spending the entire day yesterday waiting for the parade to start, and all the festivities happening throughout the city. It was exciting to be part of such a celebration, although the craziness of it took its toll commuting into and out of the city/work downtown. Nonetheless, I am back, focused  again on everything rawsilkandsaffron, once more finding decor ideas (in this case) which by adding just the right pop of color or detail, exciting a room. {source}

interior decor: appreciation of neomodern style

Some may argue the photos I’ve included are a collection of eclectic style and others may agree with me in considering the style neomodern (Neo Modern is just such a trend: mixing everything from midcentury elements to culty mysticism for a visual crescendo). Either way, I appreciate each space, subtly adding color and a mixture of elements and texture to create a uniquely inspiring space, which in my opinion, is a style that can last a lifetime.  

regal decor – inspired by my travels

As I learn more about Scotland, and touch up again on the history of the royal families and the country’s connection with England, France, Canada and more, I imagine how regal the decor was, in the homes of the royalty, dukes and lords;  falling in love mostly with the brilliant colors and  different patterns put together to create esthetically pleasing ambiance.  With that inspiration, I have found some modern takes from here on the regal decor from centuries ago, which I can see adding to any home, if you are into that sort of thing.  

interior decor: eclectic styles

There is always room in my life to remodel or change the decor somewhere in the house, keeping life exciting and a little unsettled. I like that 🙂 and although some find my approach a little threatening, I think it’s refreshing. With that said, the latest interior decor likes I’d like to consider for my open space loft: {photo sources click here}

interior decor with domino magazine

I love it when a company revamps their website for the better, thinking thoroughly about what they need to accomplish to stay competitive without sacrifying quality. I have to say, I was completely surprised and happy to hear Domino Magazine has made a comeback, IN FULL FORCE. They have redesigned their site, so that if you like something they used to create their tastefully unique decor, you can actually click and find the details of that particular product to incorporate into your own style of decor, eliminating all guesswork. I am inspired, inching even closer to what I need to acomplish to achieve my personal goals. Thank you Domino Magazine for filling my head with ideas. {Click here to buy Domino’s Holiday edition}

interior decor: bathroom plants

I’ve always had plants in my bathroom, no matter how small the space or how big. I just think, its therapeutic and a nice color to add to any decor. Mostly leafy greens that is. Recently however, I’ve tried several plants in my space and for some reason, they haven’t bloomed as I had hoped. Either it’s too moist for the plant or too dark a space. However, when I saw this idea here, I couldn’t help but consider copying the suggestion. It’s  simple, clean and hopefully will work. I don’t even mind seeing the roots. The only set back (maybe) is the fact,  I’d want to change the water perhaps. Either way I am going to duplicate the suggestion and see what happens. Have you any ideas you’d like to share, about plants in a bathroom and what works and what doesn’t.