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Gift Ideas for The Graduate

After Mother’s Day, we must consider a gift for that high school or college grad – yours, theirs, and the ones who call you aunt/uncle just because :).  While a gift card is the safest bet, or a couple of hundred $$$ bills stuffed inside a card, I think an actual grown up gift with some thought put into it – might shock the typical out of the graduate in your life.  

Online Finds For the Always Curious

I laughed when I came up with today’s post title since I’m always accused of being too curious In my opinion, one is never too curious if they want to feel alive. Anyway, while doing research for my next novel, I came across a few perhaps trivial topics and figured I’d share it with all of you. Just in case you are stuck indoors due to the weather.

Holiday Gift Ideas: Romantic Ski Weekend Package USA

More than any material gift, I prefer a good weekend getaway, a romantic one if I can make it happen. Although simply being tucked under a blanket in front of a fireplace, with views of white powder from every window in a cabin is romantic enough, with or without someone by your side. With someone is always best 🙂 If you happen to be like me, where traveling is your idea of the perfect gift, then consider , this, or this, or this,  or this for that special someone in your life.

Holiday Shopping Guide: Secret Santa Gift Ideas

I remember years back when we did Secret Santa at the office, I received the most bizarre gifts ever, surely disappointing. Because I always took the task seriously and shopped thoughtfully even for that someone not so special in my life. I think in my world secret santa gifts have become very popular – where even large families, friends and other sort of acquaintances are opting to go that route for the gift exchange. So for this and that, I’ve made a list of my favorite for the 2015 secret Santa gift ideas: Oh and there is more, click to find your way to that perfect gift {source}

edinburgh scotland – day one

It mattered not the weather is cold for a San Franciscan, we bundled up and left the hotel a little after ten in the morning to do, as usual, a walking tour – not really with any particular place in mind. It was enlightening, beautiful and I returned to my hotel finally after eight at night, understanding the ties between Montreal, Canada and Scotland.  Edinburgh and Montreal are for sure sister cities, very identical in so many ways. Oh and the food in Edinburgh, has to be the best I’ve had in Europe. Sorry Italy and France.

boutique hotel pick – casa angelia – amalfi coast, italy

Now that vacation planning is in full swing and perhaps even late in getting some great deals, I decided it’s time to talk boutique hotel picks. Every year, I imagine a romantic getaway and although I stick to Paris as my safe haven, I can’t help but think of exotic coastal retreats to spend a romantic week. One place, which I’ve frequented quite often in my lifetime is the Amalfi Coast and with it, I have fallen in love with many properties to spend six nights/seven days. For that thought and of course a romantic destination recommend, I suggest Casa Angelia.