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Decor: A French Riviera Home

Dreaming of owning a home high on a hilltop, say somewhere along the French Riviera? I do. Actually, anytime a film is made along the French coastline, I stop and watch, no matter how cheesy the story, like this and this film. So, naturally, I did a stop and watch with this amazing home tucked somewhere high above Cannes and had to share my admiration of the craftsmanship. The decor is truly in line with the environment, sixties inspired. The view isn’t bad either. featured image and source full credit

Boutique Hotel Pick – L’Hotel Particulier – Arles, France

Mondays are a great day to start with daydreaming – about places you wish you could go or ones you hope someone would whisk you away to – for a bit of rest and relaxation, and romance – kind of like this place in Arles, France. Details are everything   

Boutique Hotel Pick – Chateau de Berne, Lorgues, France

Ah the idea of being in a place like this for a week or two, to regroup and clear the mind and body and soul is an idea I’ve had for a long time. Escaping the hustle and bustle of city life and the never ending list of chores and realities of every day life. Nevermind the hotel is 57 miles from the nearest airport. Isn’t that the whole idea? 🙂

Travel: Latest French Inspiration

First topic about France on RawSilkandSaffron for 2018. I am sure my friends are wondering what is wrong with me to have waited so long to bring up my favorite destination and all things French :). But January has been a difficult month for my beloved city and surrounding countryside due to all the flooding, I am hopeful that they will safely pull through it. {photo source} Focusing on the positive – I found this article at the beginning of January – about Montmartre, décor de cinéma – I suggest if you are aiming to include Paris this year in your holiday (a.k.a vacation) planning and if you haven’t been, see the classic film An American In Paris before heading to the cinema. French films have been around longer than American and I am happy that there is a place in Paris finally creating an ambiance so we can truly appreciate films that are made in the city of romance.  Films such as An American in Paris (Vincente Minnelli, 1951), Moulin Rouge (Baz Luhrmann, 2001), Midnight in Paris (Woody Allen, 2010); to French …