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Travel: California Wineries

In my opinion, February and October are the best months for the wineries in California – in terms of the beautiful photo opps.  February, thanks to the yellow mustard plants covering entire fields – the color contrast most welcoming against the bare blackened vines. October is harvest season, when the grapes are robust and deep variations of purple, and maroon, some even tranquil shades of green – intertwined with the changing Autumn colors of the leaves. So, naturally you have to plan a trip to California to see unique and some of the  most beautiful wineries: Sunstone Winery

Travel: The Best Eats In Paris

Best is an opinion, because some of the best of foods I’ve had in Paris are not even on these lists. But then again, you may disagree or agree. Either way check these out, and then email me so we can plan a trip to Paris 1. Best Creperies in Paris 2. Absolute best burgers in Paris – although not sure why I’d aim to eat burgers in Paris – but you know, every single time I am there, I actually do eat a burger or two – counts for two meals in my opinion and helps me walk for miles and miles 🙂 3. Then there is a list of top 10 must eats in Paris – and I have to wholeheartedly agree – on everything on this list. 4. 12 Most beautiful bars in Paris – I can envision wonderful rondevous there in the near future – for me

Travel: Topics of Interest For Here And There

When I worked as a travel agent, I spend a good amount of time listening to my clients, and getting to know them before I came up with their next trip or get-away, even for destination weddings and anniversary celebrations. To me every detail mattered. Travel has always been my top passion and I feel I can never share enough information about it here.  See what I mean?

Food: A Treat for New Years Eve With A Side of Bubbly

Why is it I consider New Years Eve to be a sexy celebration. Perhaps all the glitter, sparkle and bubbly. 🙂 Or just the fact, it is a prelude to a new beginning.  Ponder, ponder. So while I prep the Hors d’oeuvre and pick out the best of champagnes, and the extras to bring in the new year at my home, I can’t help fall in-love with this recipe. Which by the way suits the theme I am going for this year, naturally….paired with champagne:

Travel: Off the Beaten Paths – San Francisco Restaurants

This time of year we get together with friends, coworkers, and even family members for dinner – in a restaurant celebrating the holiday season over good food, wine and conversation. Over the course of this week I have selected the following five restaurants to try out for my get-togethers:

Food: Cake with Tequila, lime juice and Oh So Cointreau

You can tell what’s on my mind lately. Alcohol…err…I mean alcohol infused desserts for New Year’s Eve get together, or a holiday birthday for someone special – in my case my hubs. So, while on a quest to find something unique I could bake him, or even bring with to a gathering with friends, I found this winning recipe.

Food: A Thing Or Two To Consider

I stumbled upon this article just a day ago, and it got me thinking that this list of 57 Small Things To Do For Yourself is one I pretty much follow with the exception of: 8. Invite a completely new person over for dinner—a new coworker, your neighbor—and share your favorite dish with them 23. Learn to master your favorite cocktail. 27. Get to know the farmers at your farmers market, and let them dictate your menu once in a while. 30. Invite a friend over to teach you how to make their favorite recipe. 47. Make your favorite condiments at home. 49. Turn your favorite ice pop into a cocktail. So, it’s time to up the challenge, and consider the short list of things I haven’t yet done. What are some of things from the list you haven’t done? Do Share.

seven cocktails for the sophisticated woman according to elle decor

I do go out with friends or co-workers here and there, and what I find frustrating is when the bartender asks “what will you have?’ Because I freeze up, even though I know what my preferred drink is at that particular bar or restaurant.  Yes, I know which bar/restaurant specialize in what drink the best. Anyway, just in case you experience the same drama, Elle Decor has a list to consider, check it out here: {photo and article credit, click here}

pomogranate vodka cocktail for the holidays

I love going to parties and ordering drinks which often times frustrates the barkeeper. Not the part about frustrating the barkeeper, more like ordering speciality drinks, when they are set in their ways and prefer easy and quick beverages to keep the line moving. (Although I do wonder why most beekeepers at parties are so bitter). Anyway, I wrote this one down a week ago, and walked up to the bartender and asked for something similar. It was simple, minus the glitter sugar, that’s where he drew the line when he added his own twist to the drink. It was fine, and I was in too good of a mood to pout over his version. Here’s the recipe just in case you’d like to try it at home: Shopping List Cocktail Van Gogh Pomegranate Vodka Lemon Pomegranate Soda (gives it a nice zing) Rosemary (if you are feeling extra festive) DIY Glitter Sugar Tin Foil Raw Sugar Food Coloring ***You can also buy de-seeded pomegranate from Trader Joe or Whole Foods, not sure about other local markets. …