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boutique hotel pick – hotel martinez – cannes, france

Right about now I begin to crave a trip to the French Riviera and a fantasy stay at the Hotel Martinez. I mean seriously, I don’t think I need to sell anyone on the idea of experiencing pure luxury and elegance, while getting the most golden tan possible and dining at some of the finest restaurants along the French Riviera. However,  I do want to point out one of my favorite 5-star properties in Cannes, Hotel Martinez as the choice hotel for romance and special occasion celebration or simply a place for rest and relaxation.  Of course the modern classic room decor doesn’t hurt either. Anyway, enjoy the photos and have a wonderful weekend.

midnight in paris – thank you woody allen

Couple of nights ago, I finally got a chance to see the film, Midnight in Paris. I don’t know what took me so long, but no excuse is a good enough excuse in my opinion. I have this amazing love, love relationship with Paris and if the name is referenced in any title, such as movies, books, travel articles, museum special events, musicals or concerts or blogs, I will make every effort to see what it is all about. To see a film by Woody Allen, I think it is very important to be a fan. If not, the message and film contents may not go very well for the newbees. To see a film made by Woody Allen about Paris, you must have a certain understanding of the city of lights to completely appreciate the film for what it’s worth. I took a friend, who  has a youthful appreciation for Paris, to see her reaction.  The funny thing is that,  after 30 minutes into the film she turned to me and said, “what am …

inspirational woman over 40 – Ines de la Fressange

A woman who I have admired for a long time now, is of course a French fashion icon, Ines de la Fressange. I am not going to detail her bio on this blog entry, but will happily give you a link here  so that you can use it to get some background about her. The interesting thing is that, she became well known around the fashion world as a result of her connection to Chanel throughout most of her 20s. Anyway, she had written a book a while back titled, Parisian Chic, which I have picked up and read from cover to cover, just so I can truly understand Parisian women, their style, even more so than I already do, in order to satisfy my obsession with the French lifestyle, culture, and fashion. Of course the book validates the fact my core makeup and way of thinking and living  is French and I am very happy about that. The transition to living in France someday soon will be very easy for me. So, check out the …