Month: June 2016

Travel: Some Travel Lists Are Better Then…

Around this time of the year, lists of places to travel pop up all over the internet. Sites suggesting this and that place, some even cross-referencing destinations. Everything making it really difficult for me to plot out my travel destinations for the rest of my life of places I want to see and experience: Here are some suggestions for 2016 according to this list. Actually, the places below take priority for me in the near future:  

Culture: Recommended Reads for June and Beyond

I buy the best of novels in European bookstores, particularly in Paris (believe it or not). I return for a dozen paperbacks and place them all on my bookshelf in the not-yet-read pile. Picking and choosing each novel based on my mood and need for inspiration. For my own writings. So, here’s the list, and here’s my picks to add to the pile of books to read in 2016:  

lifestyle: Just Something to Share About A Film

Me Before You opens in the U.S. on Friday  and I couldn’t be more excited to go see the film about a novel I read weeks ago, and loved every word of it. The novel which has left such an impression on me, in every sense of the word, from the author’s writing style, which I admire, to the story, to the characters, and how well she managed to weave together all of it to create  the perfect a story –  I cannot seem to stop thinking about. So, until Friday, I have been obsessively reading the reviews, the actors interviews, and all that’s been said on social media about the story turned film. (I suppose keeping the momentum). What is it about love stories where one person is terminally ill? Is it the unconditional love expressed in between the pages or on screen? The fact, there is an expiration date to their forever, breaking our hearts? Or is it simply a reminder of how wonderful and caring people can be? Anyway, let me know …

Food: Recipe For Hot Summer Nights – Watermelon Salad

Over the miserably hot weekend, where I “chored” my days away rather than simply enjoy, I had no appetite. The temperatures were in the 90’s by 7:00 a.m. and too hot to feel hungry enough for this San Franciscan spoiled rotten by  temperatures reaching only ‘coastal’ 60’s or less. So you know what I did. I ate mostly watermelon with salty Cotija cheese for lack of good goat cheese or Feta, and then I found this recipe today. Which made me laugh – since its based on my Mediterranean upbringing.