Month: February 2016

Lifestyle: Not So Valentine Weekend

I don’t like the pressure of Valentine’s Day. The need to buy your sweetheart a gift, the over priced flowers, the dinner reservations, jewelry, proposals, anticipation, or disappointments, sexual tension, and all other fuss surrounding the hype. Sorry to be such a Debbie-downer. But I haven’t celebrated the occasion for years, and I have no regrets. I don’t expect anything from my other-half, nor do I give anything in return. We usually spend the day, as if it’s just another day, going for a walk, a breakfast in Sausalito, an afternoon picnic in Napa, or a movie we’ve been waiting to see, and if the weather is at it’s worse, we stay in, and I make what I call a complex dinner I usually don’t on a hurried work week. It suits us to be the way we are, avoiding all pressures to do and be something we are not.  You see, for me, valentine’s day should be spontaneous,  and applied anytime or any day of the year. With that said, here’s a dessert I …

What Tourists Seldom Understand About San Francisco

While I played volunteer host in San Francisco during Super Bowl week, I got many questions from tourists about the city. And although I did my best to debunk their notion of what it’s like to be from California, let alone San Francisco, I had a hard time getting my point across to those set in their ways. But I know better, and although this article offers up some great pointers to consider for all of the west coast, I am simply focusing on my neck of the woods, for some good old-fashioned trivia fun, or not depending on where you are from: 2. Not everyone is blonde Despite what The Real Housewives of Orange County would like to have you believe, not everyone on the West Coast has a year supply of Sun-In in their bathroom cabinet. And as far as natural blondes go? You’re way more likely to find a higher concentration of those in Minneapolis or North Dakota. 3. We don’t all surf We do have some of the best surf spots …

Travel: The Need For Water

The past three days in San Francisco have been unusually warm – 70’s in some places, quickly changing the tune of people’s moods. Lunch time at the waterfront, beaches after work, sunbathing in parks – that sort of positive change. It got me wishing I could take a vacation right about now to somewhere tropical, or simply stream these photos on my computer. Nah, I think I need to plan for a tropical  escape.