Month: November 2014

filmed in san francisco: happy birthday to gerard butler

I am a fan of the man. The man behind the mask, behind a beard, behind an Irish accent, a killer in a role, a lover, a hero, on land and on the water. A preacher, a soccer player, anything goes. And while I was researching for book 3 – which I’ve been working on diligently to have ready by February 2015, I stumbled upon this video, pausing to take it all in.  It was filmed in San Francisco, I know exactly where, since I stalked the shoot, naturally 🙂 It’s wonderful  to see the finished product. Anyway, enjoy for all of you Gerard Butler fans, or not. Happy birthday to the man of today!

recipe: banh mi bites

As you know I follow many bloggers, and always appreciate the wealth of information from the blogger community, here and there sharing the details with my readers. Being a San Franciscan, I must say we have the best Asian Kitchens, traditional or Asian infusion, and I swear every time I turn around, another one is popping up in the city, exciting me to try each and every one of them. Anyway, one of my favorite bloggers here, had a recipe posted on her site I couldn’t pass up since it tapped into my Asian food cravings. Which happens on a daily basis, right around the lunch hour. This recipe I decided to try last night, except instead of using pork – which I don’t eat, I opted for Sweet Italian style chicken sausage from Trader Joe’s, adding my own touch to the very perfect recipe.   Serves 6-8 as a side dish Ingredients Meatballs 1 pound ground pork 1 bunch green onions, diced 1 cup of cilantro, chopped 1.5 tablespoons of sugar 1 teaspoon salt …

health: natural pain killers

I grew up in a culture where the elder women in the family knew the best of remedies for most any ailment. At the time, being so young, I didn’t buy it. Decades later, when I seek medical attention for anything, from a migraine to joint pains to indigestion, the inability to sleep at nights, or whatever, they are too ready to prescribe pills, with a list of side effects a mile long. I regularly pass, turning to the Internet for natural healing solutions instead, always finding out suggestions bringing to mind the elder women in my culture. What have you found to remedy your aches and pains?

looking forward to november

Last week was nuts. The world series playoff draining all of me. It seemed nothing mattered. I put everything on hold to focus on the games, and the drama of who’d take the championship. On Friday I attended part of the parade down Market Street in San Francisco, and after getting soaked in a much-needed rain, I ended up the evening with a few friends, celebrating the Giants and Halloween. Saturday was crazy also with errands and more running around, and Sunday Scorpio birthday celebrations here and there. Now, I am looking forward to November. With the time change to still get used to, I welcome the month with pre-holiday planning, details, and hopefully the opportunity to wear sweaters. (We haven’t had to do in San Francisco yet).  So, stay tuned, this month will be an exciting month at rawsilkandsaffron.  Happy Monday! {photo source}

decor: smaller details, huge impact

Finally, I came down from my San Francisco Giants high, spending the entire day yesterday waiting for the parade to start, and all the festivities happening throughout the city. It was exciting to be part of such a celebration, although the craziness of it took its toll commuting into and out of the city/work downtown. Nonetheless, I am back, focused  again on everything rawsilkandsaffron, once more finding decor ideas (in this case) which by adding just the right pop of color or detail, exciting a room. {source}