Month: February 2014

valentine’s day movie picks for 2014

Every year I compile a list of films I’d love to curl up on the couch and watch on Valentine’s Day (well sometimes even any day) with a bottle of bubbly and chocolate covers strawberries, or apricots, or almonds, or raisins) whatever I crave.  The day, although a celebration of love, is not as meaningful, the older you get and it’s probably best, because the pressure is off and you and your loved one, can be simply content with just being together. Anyway, here are the films for 2014:

prelude to a trip

I don’t think that excuse “its a Monday” is valid anymore. I’ve been busy nonstop for the past two weeks. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday AND repeat  🙂 – so yesterday a friend of mine kidnapped me for lunch and forced me to step away from the piles of work sitting on my desk, overflowing to the floors around my office and after our delicious tuna sandwiches at Boudin’s – one of my favorite eateries in the city, I insisted we stop off at the Nespresso coffee/flagship store in San Francisco and pretend just for a second we were in Europe. It worked, pumping me up for my upcoming trip abroad – across the pond to be more specific. Just thought I’d share to hold us all over until I can focus on my writings hopefully very soon. {my photo: please ask if you’d like to borrow}          

five friday finds just because

My mind wanders in different directions, every second of every day. One minute I’m wondering what we’ll have for dinner and the next, I’m writing out in my head an entire plot for my next novel. This is of course in between, juggling finances and functioning just in general. So, I thought it would be fun to share, five finds all in one blog, based on whats going through my head.  Hope you enjoy, if not have a great weekend anyway. Finding the best chocolates for Valentine’s Day – from this list  Healthy Eating Soup Recipe from here   New fast food hot spot in San Francisco – worth trying Watch the 2014 Winter Olympics  How to buy my first novel – click here  

take a pause and nod, but only if you agree

The month of February is in full swing, almost or maybe, the weather is horrible in some places, and weird in others, bad news is all around us and the bus is always late. Traffic is awful for those who drive and there is a list a mile long of things to do, dancing around not so gracefully in your head. Breathe, remember to breathe. You expiring doesn’t help, especially if you are scheduled to pick up the children from after school. 🙂 You get the point. In light of the busy, the hurried, the crazy and the distressed, I wish you to at  pause and nod, promising to find humor  any way you can, if only for a few seconds out of your day. It really works: {photo source: click here}

fun fact tuesday: gents in a suit

Love the casual wear concept in the city (being San Francisco for those who aren’t familiar with the true name locals refer to San Francisco).  Anyway, casual wear makes for a comfortable work day, somehow psychologically allowing you to work longer than your normal 8-5. Hmmm no wonder so many companies here have adapted to the idea. But, once in a while I’d love to see a man in a suit, walking about downtown, mostly of course in the financial district, dressed pristine. 🙂