Month: March 2012

dreaming of a vacation

I woke up to the sound of tree branches knocking against my window as a result of an overnight storm. I looked outside and saw nothing but dark clouds, wind and horizontal raindrops.  While my other half was kind enough to give me a ride to work, just to avoid the muni drama in San Francisco, I couldn’t help but hint to him, how much I was in need of a tropical vacation.  He may have thought I was kidding, but as soon as I got to work (very early) I began to research the much need R&R vacation. I am considering:

a french cake recipe from my childhood

When I was little, our extended family had a visiting day once a month, where everyone got together on a specific date and had coffee and dessert. It was the host/housewife’s turn to show off her baking skills and so, she would make a few desserts over a span of a day or two in preparation for the occasion and serve them  in beautiful dishes from her collection of fine china. Being a child, I never turned down dessert and actually behaved during the visit, per my mother’s request,  just so I could earn  my fair share of the goodies.  I didn’t know it then, but I totally appreciated cakes with dried fruits and when we moved to the United States, those recipes and the tradition all disappeared. Fast forward to a hundred years later (being today) I was actually, extremely overjoyed  when I came across here, a recipe similar to or perhaps even the same as the one  my mother and aunts used to follow for the best  dried fruit cake ever. Apricot, Almond …

little black cocktail dress

I have to admit, although I love color, I cannot get enough of black when it comes to fashion.  I should have worked for Chanel :). With that said, I am in a desperate search for a cocktail dress for a party I am hosting. Although, I have been asked to wear a long gown, I cannot help admire some of the little black cocktail dresses which I have found here. Which one do you like?  Guess which one I liked?  I will reveal my choice tomorrow        

creative architecture

I always walk the financial district in San Francisco, mostly through the construction zones, just to see the progress of the latest architecture marvel being built throughout the city. So of course, it’s not a shock that I also appreciate this website and the most amazing art and architecture photography they post on Facebook.