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Lifestyle: Core Values and How To Be a Conscious Listener

Today’s virtual and in person human connection has me worried. I know there are reminders in recent days about being in the moment and all. But unless we make extra effort to be conscious and aware, past the political social media influence, the humanity as we know it will become extinct.

I took part in a self-betterment program several months back through my current employer and although I went into it with an open mind, I had no idea the lasting impact such a program could have.

So I decided it was time to share some key points, an introduction if you will, just in case, you’ve reached a cross-road…

To start, I was asked to list my 10 core values and rate them from 1-10. Ten being the most important. Here’s what I want to add to that. After you have listed and rated your core values. List 10 more values you perceive are relevant in today’s society. Compare the two lists and share. I promise this will lead somewhere

  1. Loyalty
  2. Spirituality
  3. Humility
  4. Compassion
  5. Honesty
  6. Kindness
  7. Integrity
  8. Selflessness
  9. Determination
  10. Generosity
  1. Courage
  2. Tolerance
  3. Trustworthiness
  4. Equanimity
  5. Altruism
  6. Appreciation
  7. Empathy
  8. Toughness
  9. Self-Reliance
  10. Attentiveness
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Second, have you ever sat through a conversation, where you notice the person in front of you is distracted, interrupts, or is not truly paying attention based on the awkward pause, or their response?

I get it, we are all too busy, and our minds are constantly racing. But how did we get here? When did most people stop the listening? And is there hope to becoming a conscious listener?

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