Finding Inspiration On This Thursday Morning

Easing your way into daily activities is the best way to recovery – is something I wholeheartedly believe in. That’s what’s kept me going all these years. I tend to not dwell so much about the pain and suffering and instead find ways to learn from it and move forward. Not really forgetting the events, but rather finding ways to grow from it. That is what I am aiming for and this morning I found inspiration from these wonderful topics…

What sounds do you love? I have to say, the sound of the ocean in the early morning hours, as the ways ripple along the shore and with it bring fragments from the underworld
Taking time to recover from a bad day – is a list of positive suggestions to consider and knowing that you are not alone
The positives of mental health – don’t dwell, make a change
Bake something or make this vegan chocolate protein pudding
Look forward to an old favorite classic film turned modern-ish coming soon to theaters near you


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