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Mind Set – Vacation, vacation, vacation

The last month has been the most stressful. Well, since a few months back for me that is. It seems stress is all we have these days, worrying so much about the faith of our nation, our children’s safety, health, financial stability, and even all things reshaping our planet earth – all while trying to keep a positive front so not to be judged by anyone. Who are we kidding.

Everyone is looking for an outlet – to escape the madness even if for a few minutes. Who knew all fantasized films made about doomsday and corruption is becoming more real every day.

Sorry, if I’ve brought you down this Friday. But occasionally it’s important for me to stay real.

Last night, I sat on my bed and breathed out – for that instance – I felt a sense of temporary relief. The kind of relief where my body was not as tense at it normally is –  because I realized in a few days I would be on vacation – even if it’s just for a few weeks – I was going to escape enough to sooth my aching brain, heart and outlook, and hopefully the ten days away would be therapy enough to return back to my life and continue what it is we do each day.

Here’s hoping you find your escape even if it’s a spa day, or a walk in the park, a beach, a drive through the country, or simply just day without social media. Or… read on below.


Turmeric – my to go to ‘DRUG’ for good health


Lemons are always my choice of any drink – in water or in alcohol – the more bitter the better the taste in my opinion


Take a Social Media Detox challenge – in fact – get your whole family to do it


Find the best Fall drive in your neck of the woods and just spend a day experiencing fall

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