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french kitchen table

I just can’t snap out of it yet, but instead of dwelling, I decided to just focus on what makes me smile. But yesterday while I was recuperating from the strenuous Sunday travel back to the U.S., I had to make a run to a mall for a split second in between picking up my dog and doing laundry just to replace  a broken kitchen tool.

So, as I walked through Crate&Barrel, one of my favorite stores, in search of my the broken utensil I needed to replace, I came to a screeching halt  when I saw this kitchen table/center island so neatly arranged on their showroom floor. I smiled because it reminded me of a similar table in a tea room  (Salon de The)  in Paris. I think that five minutes I spent staring at the table, made up for my sad state on Monday.

{photos: Courtesy of Crate&Barrel)