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weekly inspirations – weekend preparations

What’s inspired me over the week, set the tone for the weekend?

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setting the tone for our christmas tree
trying an amazing recipe for sunday brunch


copying this bookshelf at home
finding places to photograph
coming to terms with a buying a bedframe

interior decor: pop of color

I have always used one extreme color in my decor style of mostly neutral tones, with the intention to change it up each year. The very last time I incorporated a few sharp or edgy colors, tying them in so perfectly that I haven’t had to change it up at all. In light of my crazy eclectic decorating style, I have to say I have also fallen in-interest with the options below:


Picture 1




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elle decor inspired interior decor

Lately we’ve been considering purchasing a condo in a high rise in San Francisco. You know those buildings popping up everywhere in downtown, which my hubby loves and I consider a glass bubble – those ones. Well, in light of this bit of new development in our life, I decided to seek inspiration on decorating a home with no real walls.  I found some ideas to copy here and have included them on my blog to seek opinion.








interior decor with domino magazine

o_524b40e89ac35fe44a3aff0cI love it when a company revamps their website for the better, thinking thoroughly about what they need to accomplish to stay competitive without sacrifying quality. I have to say, I was completely surprised and happy to hear Domino Magazine has made a comeback, IN FULL FORCE. They have redesigned their site, so that if you like something they used to create their tastefully unique decor, you can actually click and find the details of that particular product to incorporate into your own style of decor, eliminating all guesswork.

I am inspired, inching even closer to what I need to acomplish to achieve my personal goals. Thank you Domino Magazine for filling my head with ideas.

{Click here to buy Domino’s Holiday edition}

interior decor: areal rugs in full bloom

Ever since I’ve been on the kick to redecorate my studio apartment, I have fallen in love with everything available to make my dwelling my very own work of art.  I had forgotten how wonderful it is to decorate, revamp, recharge, redo and since I finally got my very own kitchen, I am slowly piecing the place together to make it a permanent home for a while.

Areal rugs are  a must in my opinion, it not only ties in your room’s decor, but also feels good against, well in this case, my feet. Here are some of my favorites to ponder over while I decide on re-arranging the space.

interior decor: red, white and black

You know how they say, interior decor inspirations come from nature, well mostly that is. In my opinion, the ideas could come from almost anything and anywhere.

The first time I visited Disneyland, I have to say I was completely mesmerized by Mickey and Mickey mouse’s color choices and since then I have always be infatuated with any decor which remind me of that period in my life. Can you see it below?
tumblr_meiiiex8iM1qb1f7qo1_500 tumblr_m8m35gjtWz1qev340o1_500 ct-sum12-winer-15 35019_10151241769319176_1573550911_n

the black and white of kitchen decor

Although most kitchen remodel today suggest modern and clinical, I tend to lean towards French country inspired suggestions while searching for new ideas. There is something to be said about white cabinetry and subway tiles. A bold chandelier, a touch of color. A slab of marble or distressed counter tops and a dark wood center island perfectly ensembled in a brightly lit area of a home.