Black Friday Shopping List and A Cup of Starbucks Coffee

Very carefully I plotted a list of purchases I wanted to make from some of my favorite stores in San Francisco.

First Stop: Banana Republic I stocked up on sweaters

Second: Bloomingdale’s for ankle boots. Searching for camel tone, ended up falling involve with these


Third: Wish list for a new coat or two or three from Nordstrom

We’ll talk gifts for family and friends later. I need a tall cup of coffee and a slice of lemon cake from Starbucks. :)

Holiday Shopping – Black Friday







1. Banana Republic – go here
2. Club Monaco – go here
3. Nordstrom – go here
4. Bloomingdale’s – go here
5.Shopbop – click here
5. Net-a-Porter – click here

{stay tuned for my holiday top picks for gift ideas for him, her, them, and more…}

Decor: San Francisco Victorian

Although the inspiration comes to us from here,  a Wimbledon Residence, the decor style is surely doable in a San Francisco Victorian or Edwardian style home if you plan to stay true to the era.

Fashion: The Londoner Look

Inspired by The Londoner Look for the mild Fall-Winter Season in San Francisco.

Food: Anytime Swedish Meatballs

I know you are wondering what am I doing posting a recipe for Swedish Meatballs two days before the Thanksgiving Feast most of us Americans will embark on – controversial or not – the holiday has now become a day to give thanks for family and friends.

Besides that bit of information, I wanted to bring an unusual dish to the family gathering two hours drive inland from  San Francisco, where I will be spending the weekend with my family.

This recipe caught my attention, and I figured why not Swedish meatballs, for that in-between the hearty breakfast and the wholesome dinner snack, or a meal by itself.

{photo and recipe credit-click here}



The Aftermath…Processing, Coping and Moving On

With all things traumatic, there is a period of time where you spend, after the shock, a great deal of hours and days processing what may (at current), be the most devastating thing that has happened to you.

You seek answers naturally, thinking if you knew what really happened, you could cope better. And then you find out; your worst fear was what truly happened. That the person very dear to you has taken his or her own life, deflating the few ounces of optimism persisting  in your way of thinking.

You ponder in shock, your heart aching, your stomach in knots, unable to understand what could have caused this person to do such a thing to YOU. Is the first thing that crosses your mind, and then you calm down enough, after the obsession to make sense of it all, only to recognize that he did this unthinkable to himself, resolving in that few moments or perhaps days in torment, ending his life was the solitary thing left for him to do…whatever the damn reason(s).

The anger takes over your senses. You blame him, yourself, the friends, the family, anyone who should have seen it coming, should have known, should have sensed it…realizing that in that one unguarded and vulnerable moment. Duncan managed to end, what I now reflect upon was, a lifelong struggle within himself.

Moving on…is the only thing I can do. At least that’s what Duncan would have said :)


{Thank you everyone for allowing me to express something  other than pleasantry. After all, we are all human, no matter what our blogs reflect}


Life Is Only Short If You Haven’t Lived It To Your Full Potential…


On Thursday, I got on the bus, different from the usual train I take home each day after work. This is because I had an appointment across town I needed to get to, and this particular bus route was the best way to get there. Suddenly, while listening to the song Ashes and Wine, I felt a strange pain shoot across my chest, in a heartfelt way reflecting on my conversations with my friend Duncan. I actually felt the urge to cry, not knowing why I felt such a strange pain.

Today, at the airport early morning, while seated at the gate waiting for my flight to board, I noticed the beautiful sunrise taking shape across the clear skies near SFO. I decided to snap the photo and post it on Facebook, with the words…Today is going to be a great day…until, I opened Facebook to discover my friend Duncan who I spoke to last Wednesday on Facebook, had died suddenly, and overnight…

It took me hours to post this entry as I find myself unable to cope with such a loss. A loss of a wonderful friend with an amazing heart, limitless imagination, and with the best of intentions is always there for you, no matter what.

I suppose Duncan had lived to his full potential in his short life on this earth…otherwise, there is no best explanation for what happened, the news this early morning on Facebook breaking my heart into a thousand pieces…


We Need A Festival of Lights Everywhere and mostly in San Francisco

Feeling the need for visual therapy this morning, after scrolling through article after article about the Paris attacks and what we should and shouldn’t do. The idea of it all mentally draining, when thinking about it in dept. I decided I needed some lights, or fireworks or anything to do with happy thoughts to ease some of the anxiety starting to build up about the word around us.  The Berlin Festival of Lights which happened in October came to mind, admiring many of the Instagram photos and not saved online for our viewing pleasure.

1.-Platz-Fotowettberwerb-Michael-Krolop berlin-cathedral-during-festival-of-lights-wallpaper download festival-of-lights lettherebelights



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